3 technologies for a winning anti-ageing tretament

The main causes of skin aging includes unhealthy diet and lifestyle, lack of physical activities, stress, pollution, sun damage. Our focus is not only the simple mitigation of wrinkles; we focus on Anti-aging treatments for face and body. We found a solution that can improve our skin integrity; the Panestetic Thechnology ZONER from Italy. An innovative, and state of art technology in the market to give immediate result.


The infrared (855nm) creates an orbicularis acceleration causing vasodilation and an increase of the tissue oxygenation. As a consequence the metabolism is stimulated and there is an acceleration of repairing processes of the tissues. Suitable for fine lines and wrinkles, broken capillaries, spots, pimples, acne and stretch marks problems.

Among the biological effects of biostimulation we find:

  • Improves skin texture
  • Better vascularization
  • Diminishes wrinkles’ depth
  • Increases the skin tone

These beneficial effects help maintain a fresh, young and healthy skin thanks to a general oxygenation of the tissues; therefore, allow the skin to be restored to its original compactness.


Its biological effect involves the denaturation of collagen fibers from 5 to 30%. The consequence is the immediate contraction of the fibers and the stimulation in the fibroblasts; the synthesis of new collagen.

Suitable for all skin conditions except hypersensitive, couperose and chronic acne and all body conditions except varicose veins.


Mesoporation (Needleless Injection ; injection without using needles) is a unique method that allows a transdermal delivery of active ingredients in the dermis. This mesoporation treatment opens temporary channels in the dermis, thus allowing the passing of active ingredients which are selected according to your skin concerns. Mesoporation is a technique for faster and deeper penetration of active ingredients of low molecular weight. It is a non-invasive technique and it is used also by doctors to deliver drugs.

The effects of mesoporation: –

Face Treatment: antiaging / skin tone / Diminishes wrinkles and great results on sagging skin / Deep hydration / lifting effect

Body Treatment: Body shaping and toning / Firming / Cellulite reduction